Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sangeetha Veg (OMR) First Anniversary - 50% OFF | a FAQ

For us here at, it is going to be our 3rd Diwali this year! Yep, the first one was the 2nd Anniversary celebrations for Sangeetha Velachery, second one the Actual Diwali and this is going be our third one!

Based on the past experience we had with Sangeetha Velachery Anniversary and with also the need to spread the word about this 50% off we are having this FAQ for you. Hope it serves the purpose. If you have more questions, post them as comments, we will get it answered ASAP.

What is this all about?
Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, which is situated on OMR next to the Thoraipakkam signal is celebrating it's 1st Anniversary on Nov 20th, 2012 (Tuesday). They are sharing their happiness with a 50% OFF on Dine In & Take Away Orders Only. This would include Sweets & Savories too!

Is this 50% OFF applicable on for Online ordering too?

What would be advantage of ?
You could easily avoid the waiting time in the crowd. Just walk-in to grab your food and walk-out!

Walk-in and walk-out with food. No Wait Time? Is it really possible? 
Yes. You are actually going to use and place and order with Sangeetha OMR for Take Away. You would be doing this from your office or home using a computer, tablet or smart phone. And based on the take-away time indicated to you in the SMS, you are just to going to walk-in at that time and walk-out with your food. Of-course, there is a food preparation time, but that is your's now and we want you to just arrive at the specified time to grab the take-away!

Does this really work? Have someone really tried it?
Yes. We have been active from June 2012 and till date served more than 1000+ orders. There has been constant feedback from our customers and all of them have been incorporated. So, this works!

But have you really tried this on a day like this?
Yes, we did for the 2nd Anniversary for Sangeetha Velachery. And we miserably failed. We learnt a huge lesson on that day. Based on that day's experience, we did have closed room sessions with the Senior Management and Execution team of Sangeetha Velachery and OMR. We have made 200% arrangements on that to make sure that this time the power of goGrab is unleashed!

Okay, what should I do now?

  1. If you plan to have your breakfast, lunch, dinner from Sangeetha OMR on that day for Dine-In, either be very early or plan a take away.
  2. If you plan a take-away, do it online on Just walk-in to pick-up your food on the time indicated in the SMS. You can still have your favorite Sangeetha food, at 50% OFF with no need to wait!

Does this apply for Home Delivery?
NO. Home delivery is at the regular rates and NO 50% OFF.
Note: However, Home Delivery may remain closed or take additional time based on the crowd that day.

Can we reserve a table for our team for lunch in the afternoon?
NO. Table reservation would not be possible on that day. Sangeetha expects much larger turn-outs and hence they would not want to disappoint people by taking reservations.

At-least can I reserve a table for dinner for my family or friends?
Sorry, NO. Reasons same as above.

Is there is a possibility to know if the restaurant is crowded or not? So that I can decided for a Dine-in or Take Away?
Yes, keep tracking the crowed with photographs on either goGrab's FB page OR on goGrab's Twitter handle

Note: This article has been written by team with proper discussion with Sangeetha OMR Management. If you have more questions, please post them as comments, we will get them answered!

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