Friday, November 16, 2012

A Diwali Surprise

I was quiet busy today with a lot of stuff around, right from improving business, adding more restaurants and etc. My office cell phone suddenly rang and I saw Mr. Francis the manager of Sangeetha Veg Restaurant calling. Actually I could not pick up the phone as I was in mid of a very serious discussion. But I ended that with a logical closure and called back.

He sounded to be in a hurry and said, "Sir, there is an order from goGrab and the customer called us to tell that she did not order!". I told him "Okay, I will talk to the customer and get back.". Immediately I logged into the monitoring tool and pick up the customer number and called back. A female voice picked-up the phone and I introduced myself as "Ganesh from goGrab". Here is our conversation:

Customer: Sir, how can someone order for me, I have no one in Chennai and I also did not place the order.
Me: Okay Madam, but in goGrab anyone needs to pay. So someone would not play with money so can you please check with you family or friends around.
Customer: No way, there is no one who can order. I am sorry don't send anything.
Me: Madam, but the order is already paid.
Customer: That what I am asking, I got this card only yesterday and how could someone use it on your site today itself.

I start now understanding the problem a bit. So the customer had got a new Credit Card yesterday only and today **someone** has used that card on

Me: Okay, apart from you who else knows about the card madam?
Customer: My husband.
Me: Can you check with him if he used it?
Customer: No, he is not here and there is no way he could have used it.
Me: Okay Madam, let me check the details and get back.
Customer: Ok.

I disconnect the call and quickly log into my logs to track the IP from which this order was placed. It showed me that the order was placed from Riyadh. So, I call back the customer again.

Me: Madam, Ganesh again from goGrab.
Customer : Tell me sir.
Me: I see that someone from Riyadh has placed this order.
Customer: Starts so blush and says, Oh that is my husband then. He is only there.
Me: Okay Madam, that is good then, can you please check with him and call back. In the meantime we will send the order to you.
Customer: Ok, what has he ordered?
Me: Jangiri, Badam Halwa and Bombay Mixture. May be he did wanted to send some sweets as surprise to your madam.
Customer: Ha ha, ok. Send it.

I disconnect the phone and called back Mr. Francis to confirm the order and quickly narrated him the story. He too was in smile and confirmed that he would send it immediate.

After 10 minutes the customer itself called me back to confirm that her husband only did it.

We were really moved to see that we are even a medium of love between a husband and wife living in distant lands and still be able to surprise his wife with a sweet!

Way to go goGrab! Keep it on!!



  1. Nice..Why don't you make a "Get to your man's heart with lovely food..Make it happen with GoGrab" kinda message..?

    Also you should ask for a photo of those husband and wife..make a few tweets..Build a festival time buzz around ordering food as a way of telling love..Don't let this story die for another month or so..

    1. Sure Ashwin. We have mailed them with a 'Thank You' message. Hope they reply back and we would be able to share some more details.

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    1. Yes Kaaraikudi @! Order your food online now!

  3. I believe you need to have an option for gifting it. That would have made everything simple. good case though.

    1. True Ezhil. This one order has made a very huge impact. This is another example of goGrab being a food experience rather than a portal. We will add more usecases such to have a very varied experience to our customers.

  4. This is a nice incident which speaks volumes about your service & use of technology...
    It will be a great idea if you could share some more service experiences thru' tweets, blogs etc.,
    You can also promote this concept to Indians working out of City/Country to use gograb as their trusted friend :) for a change people can gift sweets/snacks to their loved ones in place of Flowers .....It'a time you guys tie up with Krishna Sweets and the likes !!!!

    1. Very true Paddu. We will definitely start to share more such stories happening here at We will for sure have to reach out this to our community there.