Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dine this Feb 14th 2013 @ The Residency Towers, Main Street Restaurant

"People who LOVE to EAT are always the BEST people." – Julia Child

Yes, our dear users, we have decided to make this 'Valentine's Day' wonderful & memorable for you! We are running a contest to access the interest levels and select winners. Read on...

Contest Dates : 
Sunday, 10th Feb 2013 till Tuesday, 12th Feb 2013 (until our last restaurant closes)

What should you do to enroll yourself into this contest? : 
1. Login to & Order food with us as many times as you can these 3 days.
2. Use this coupon code 'DINNERDATE' every-time you order.
That's it!

Prize Details: 
5 Dinner Date coupons worth Rs 500/- with any restaurant of your choice* (but make sure that you choose among one of our partnered restaurant) 
1 Bumper Prize - Dinner Table for 2 @ Main Street Restaurant, The Residency Towers, T. Nagar, Chennai.

We know some Q & A has started to run into your mind now. Read on..

1. How are these winners selected? Based on what?
All users who have 'Logged-In and Ordered' food online via would be part of the lot. Every unique lot would be assigned a number and 5 random numbers would be chosen. Then we would choose 1 more number  for the bumper prize and announce all these 6.

2. Is there a points system? Basically how do I increase my changes of being one among the 6? Especially that '1' BUMPER Prize Winner?
This is a very good question. So, if you had ordered 1 time, your name would go 1 time, if you had ordered 5 times, you name would go 5 times. Hence more the order, more the probability of being one of the WINNER. 

3. Can we use this Prize some other day other than Feb 14?
NO. The purpose of this contest itself is to make sure that you & your loved one allocate time for yourselves. Hence if you miss Feb 14th, then you miss the prize too!

More questions:- Please send all your questions to ''. Please quote 'DINNERDATE' in the subject line for us to prioritize your question and answer that immediate.

So, the count down starts!

Terms & Conditions:
* - Choice of restaurant should be any of the partnered restaurant branch / brand that lists.
1. Only 'Logged-In' user orders would be considered for this contest.
2. No Cash Refunds
3. The prize's would be valid only on Feb 14th 2013. Please be informed that all these restaurants have special plans for Feb 14th.

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